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As a recent graduate from college I was happy to land teaching jobs throughout Pinellas Country. I worked for the Pinellas Board of Education, St Petersberg  College and Latchkey. I was a traveling art teacher at the time who teaught both adults and children at community centers around the county. These are some of the children I taught at St Petersburg College Summer Program and at Girls Club. One Mother told me I should be very happy because the children really loved me. After my divorce teaching children raised my spirits and I really enjoyed the creativity of these kids. I would give the kids an assignment and they would always  run with it and take their art to new levels of imagination. It is hard for me to realize after looking at these pictures that these children are now in their 40's, how time flies!

Please vist my site often; I will be adding photos of creative work  and perhaps you will find some ideas for projects.

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