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    In Florida in the 1980's and 90's I taught and lectured on Japanese Painting, called Sumi-e or black ink painting.

    For the artist this type of painting is a good practice to improve skill with the brush and study simplified spacial design.

     Practicing the art is also a way to understand this ancient culture which has a huge influence on how artistic pursuits have developed in the west, particularly from the time of the Impressionists. I will share more on this cultural phenomenon at a later date.

Diana Kan has a facinating background and was not only an excellent landscape painter but also created beautiful floral paintings and other subjects including calligraphy. During class I gave her a Desert Cassia Tree branch which she used as a subject to paint a  realistic rendition with grace and elegance in the Oriental style.

She was a wonderfully generous teacher  with her time and effort.

1984 I had the privilege of taking a workshop with internationally acclaimed Oriental Painter

Diana Kan.

 Elderhostel Class at Eckerd College

Above Photos I am giving a lecture  & demonstration at the Treasure Island Community Center. Photo on Right I am Demonstrating Oriental Painting at the International Florida Miniature Art Society

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